The goal of the Famous 5 is to celebrate women’s successes and inspire them to become Nation Builders in the legacy of the Famous Five.

Future 5:Through skill-building workshops and events, the Future 5 Program helps young girls grow into Canada’s next generation of leaders.

Leadership:Through recognizing and sharing the success stories of today’s female leaders, our Leadership Programs inspire and cultivate acts of courage in others.

Legacy:Through educational curriculums and commemorative projects, our Legacy Programs work to ensure the story of the Famous Five is told and celebrated.

With respect to the program this year; girls will be treated to a legendary “pink tea” hosted by Famous 5 volunteers.

The workshop will be aimed at providing the girls with the tools and strategies for developing a strong sense of self, thereby giving them the foundation to be true to themselves, having their voices heard and to uncover their leadership potential.

Find out more on their website: http://www.famou5.ca/