YWOP 2018 will help girls gain a healthy respect for the decisions and choices they face day in and day out.


April 20-21, 2018 


 FFCA HIGH SCHOOL 2116 MacKay Road NW Calgary, AB


 Early Bird Fee – $50 (till March 15th) // Regular Fee – $55 // At the Door – $60 // Adult ticket – $50 (over 21)


Doors Open Friday at 5:30pm // Friday April 20: 6:30pm to 9:00pm // Saturday April 21: 9:30am to 5:00pm



Conference Speakers

 Keynote Speaker, Cara Filler will be joining us this year. Cara is an incredible storyteller, a bad dancer, and totally unashamed to make a fool of herself. Cara is passionate about inspiring, empowering, and standing up for what you believe in.




Alison Springer  Youth Speaker & Founder of YWOP, Alison has been working with teens for 20 years. She will make sure your teens have a great time with tons of laughter and ensuring the conference message hits home. Her desire is to see girl culture transformed.







Jocelyn Freeman – YWOP is excited to have Jocelyn Freeman back for another year at YWOP. Jocelyn loves to engage her audience with creative, inspiring and fresh techniques while exploring difficult topics in ways that open her listener’s heart. She is a high impact speaker who will be closing the conference again this year so plan on staying to the end and buckle up; be prepared to be transformed.




The Workshops – designed to educate and empower girls to grow in confidence by embracing who they are, adopting healthy ways to cope with stress, and developing or discovering interests that can lead to positive changes in girl culture. Workshops this year include hair care, Jiu-Jitsu which uses leverage and submission holds to defend against stronger opponents, along with a DJ workshop that teaches girls how to get a crowd pumping with mixed beats; because the world could do with more female DJ’s! These workshops and more with uplifting presenters will inspire girls to greatness.