Confidence Building Workshop

Confidence Building Workshop Young Women of Power student leadership club is hosting a workshop at the Giuffre Family Library Monday March 18 and 25. Youth speaker and YWOP founder Alison Springer along with club leadership will be delivering this workshop

YWOP Female Leadership Club

A Mentorship Program in Leadership The purpose of YWOP leadership clubs is to create opportunities for female students to discover their gifts and abilities and grow in confidence in positions of leadership.   YWOP Clubs are a creative outlet for


SOCIAL EVENT: It’s our year end Christmas party. Wear an ugly Christmas sweater or Christmas colours. Bring a snack for all to enjoy and we will have the games and fun ready to go. All are welcome. Check out this student led, weekly meeting for girls ages 12 to 18.

YWOP Clubs

MENTORSHIP: YWOP clubs are student led, weekly meetings for girls ages 12 to 18. Girls are given opportunities to discover their strengths and grow in confidence through leadership positions with the support of adult advisers.