PivotFWD Curriculum

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YWOP offers an interactive Confidence Building Resource that empowers girls to make positive life choices by addressing needs specific to teenage girls but is also suitable for preteens.

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Alison Springer is the Founder of Young Women Of Power and the creator of this program. She has been working with youth for over 20 years and is a professional youth speaker.

The YWOP PivotFWD is an engaging, interactive, strength based resource designed to equip teen girls with tools to make positive choices while instilling the confidence to do so. This resource has the flexibility and enough content to be delivered in six 2 ½ hour sessions as a weekly program, over a weekend as a girls workshop,  a school semester or used in a girl club setting.

PivotFWD addresses the key areas that affect girls confidence: Self-Esteem & Self-Image, Family, Friendships, Dating Relationships, School Culture, and Mental Health.

PivotFWD involves interactive exercises, group discussion, activities, and reflective questions. This program is ideal for helping girls grow in confidence to lead, creating an inclusive affirming community, instilling female pride, and breaking down walls and barriers created by insecurities, girl drama, misconceptions and false expectations.

The Topics Include…

Session 1: SELF-IMAGE

MAIN MESSAGE: See the Beauty

The Objective of this session is to help girls see their beauty (internal and external), and learn ways that they can show self-care that reflects their value.


Session 2: FAMILY

MAIN MESSAGE: Breaking the Cycle Starts With Me

The Purpose of this session is to empower participants to be Cycle Breakers. What they can’t change in their immediate family, they can change in their future family.    



MAIN MESSAGE: You Have The Power To Choose How Much Influence They Will Have On You

The Purpose of this session is to help participants discern between positive and negative friendships.



MAIN MESSAGE: Guard Your Heart

The purpose of this session is to explore the emotional impact dating has on the heart and to address preventative measures to avoid abusive relationships.



MAIN MESSAGE: Attain Your Personal Best

The Purpose of this session is to inspire participants to greatness helping them see the trials of school as a stepping stone to fulfilling their dreams rather than a hindrance.



MAIN MESSAGE: The Dark Shadow Will Pass While Hope Lives On

The Purpose of this session is to inspire participants to not give up and to empower them with healthy coping tools to deal with stress.


Benefits to the Community

  • Increase in school attendance
  • Learn healthy ways of dealing with stress rather than substance abuse
  • Decrease in criminal activity
  • Prevention in Domestic Violence
  • Parent/Teen relationships strengthened
  • Less susceptible to negative peer pressure
  • Inspired to lead and give back to society.

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PivotFWD Curriculum


Here are testimonials from students who’ve gone through PivotFWD:

“I learned now to really watch [for] red flags in my life and how to look at myself in a positive way.” – Maggie, 16

“I learned I’m beautiful. [That’s] important because it’s really helped me with my self-esteem and talking to people when I’m in a group.” – Abby, 15

“That I am a powerful, independent woman and I can be successful!” – Jensen

“[I’ve learned] to help people that were in my position, to be a leader, realize what goes on around the world, [and see] what females go through.” – Abuk, 15

PivotFWD Curriculum


What’s included in your annual membership to PivotFWD?

  1. You’ll receive a physical copy of your instructors manual!
    • The instructors manual will be your guide to discuss and tackle each topic. We’ve ensured that this manual is apparent for instructors, and easy to follow.
  2. Access to print up to 100 student manuals online!
    • These student manuals have been designed to engage girls in conversation, provoke critical thinking, and call for response. Students will be able to follow along seamlessly with the curriculum, as well as document their journey.
  3. Take advantage of other great resources YWOP provides!
    • YWOP also suggests external resources like videos, books, and more to help instructors and students get the most from their manuals.


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PivotFWD Curriculum