YWOP Workshop
YWOP Workshop


YWOP PivotFWD Workshops

YWOP offers a six 2 ½ hour sessions that address the areas that hinder girls from growing in Confidence. They are: Self-Esteem, Family, Friendships, Dating Relationships, School Culture and Mental Health. This course is available in the community and can be delivered through agencies or community groups.


  • An interactive Confidence Building Workshop to address the specific needs of the girls attending the session

Group Discussions facilitate opportunities for Girls to Share the lessons they’ve learned, challenges they face, and any questions they have related to the 6 areas

  • Develops a Rapport with the Instructor that assists students with positive change
  • An environment where students support students and new friendships can begin to develop.
  • Main Objective – Building Confidence to empower girls to make positive life choices


The Success of the Program

  • Since January 2011 to August 2012 ninety-one girls have graduated from the program.
  • Graduates were followed up from a month to 6 months with the following results.
    • 88% of the girls have made positive choices to stay in school.
    • Before the program 71.4% of the girls described their friends as being a negative relationship. After the program only 19% still had negative relationships.
    • 81% had strong positive relationships
    • 98% of the girls had not reoffended or been in trouble with the law.


From this Workshop Girls Will…

  • Discover who they really are beyond labels and reputations
  • Like themselves and see their beauty.
  • Gain tools that will strengthen the Parent/Teen relationships
  • Develop a positive outlook on life
  • Learn healthy ways of dealing with stress.
  • Make better choices regarding friends
  • Have healthier relationships with females
  • Be more confident in making wise decisions that better themselves rather than following the crowd or media.
  • Lack the desire to engage in criminal healthsavy.com activity or be with those who do.
  • Be motivated to attain their goals and dreams.
  • Be inspired to lead and give back to society.
  • Have the confidence to walk tall and be proud.


Student Testimonials

This Course, I will be honest, I dreaded it before I arrived because it was my first time, and I was a very quiet person. Now I love being open with people, I have become more involved with things like school, family, communication period. I love myself, I feel comfortable around people, I’ve learned to have relationships with people who have meaning, not to just let whoever in.   Terri-Lynn age 16

My favourite part of class is how open everyone is with each other and how you can actually see the changes in people every time.    Michelle 17

Thank you for every session it changed me. At home, treating people with respect. Being kind, not drinking because…I value my future and for sure respect others. I have better self-esteem for myself. I enjoyed coming to every session because the speakers are wonderful and it’s inspirational.   Ava age 15

I learned that I am worth Something and that I need better friends. I liked it here because I loved that I’m not the only one with the problems. I learned better things to do. I wish I could come back.     Jamie age 15



For Girls Ages 12 to 18

Cost: $105

February 12, 19, 26, March 5, 12, 19 2013

6:00pm – 8:00pm

Southside Victory Centre 6402 1A Street SW

(Space is rented in a church but this is not a religious program.)


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