Ilene McInnes

Ilene is a YouTuber, Mixed Media Artist based in the Calgary area. She is Inventive, innovative and industrial. She has been given the unique ability to assemble commonplace and even discarded items transforming them into wonderful, whimsical pieces that enrich their environment and speak to your soul. Her chic and down-to-earth style makes her approachable and inspiring removing any sense of intimidation, something you’ll be sure to appreciate! A popular Vlogger/Youtuber, Ilene takes great pleasure in bringing her talents to the web through instructional how-to videos, facilitating Facebook craft groups and providing the Helping Artists Program with DecoArt.

A proud mom to five girls, Ilene loves to guide and watch each of her girls express their unique self through art. This year at the Young Women of Power conference Ilene will show you some simple, creative and fun decorating ideas that can easily be used to beautify and personalize everyday items such as cards, pictures, journals and whatever else you could think of so that you too can leave your unique artistic stamp on life. Looking forward to seeing your work online.

Ilene has served on the YWOP Conference executive team for the past 7 years helping plan conference. She thoroughly enjoys empowering young women through self-expression, the creation of beauty, and gaining personal insight through art.