“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.” – Judy Garland


She’s talking to you.

Yeah, you!

And you know what? We agree with Miss Judy. We believe in you.

In your passion, your beauty, your talent, your dreams and goals, your future, and your incredible value and worth. We believe in these things so much that we’ve created this blog and put together a team of inspirational, encouraging, and challenging young women to help you unlock and celebrate that first-rate version of incredible you.

Because this world needs a girl like you.

A girl with a voice.
A girl with a strong mind.
A girl who is brave.
A girl who overcomes.
A girl who inspires.
A girl who is talented.
A girl with a big heart.
A girl who sees her beauty.

You might not believe us yet, but that girl is you.


Each week one or two ladies from our team of writers will share from her heart, insight, and life experience on topics that range from skin care to soul care and everything in between. Alison Springer, Manal Souraya, Natasha Patten, Kirsten Evans, and Jenna Pelias can’t wait to walk with you, hear your stories, and grow together to be empowered to reach our fullest potential as young women of power.


We asked our team to introduce themselves and answer the question:

“What do you think is the best thing about being a girl?”

Here is what they had to say…


Founder of Young Women of Power

Alison is a professional youth speaker who is all about inspiring teen greatness. She’s powerfully single, older than you think and likes to be referred to as the tall gorgeous black girl. The chewy candy of delight for Alison as a speaker is talking to girls. She is also the Founder of Young Women of Power Movement delivering workshops and organizing Conferences to empower young girls.

For years, Alison despised the colour pink, feeling that it would cramp her athletic style. She took great pride in not throwing like a girl, and found it easier to get along with guys rather than girls. Life has led Alison on a journey of understanding where those thoughts have come from and the importance of celebrating female greatness. In her blog she will share lessons learned from working out at a women’s only gym, messages in songs and movies, interaction with females who tell it like it is and from the many guy friends who were willing to share the inside stuff on guy world. She writes this blog in hopes to help other girls Be Pink and Proud.

The best thing about being a girl is that we get to have a happy period. No, seriously I love the fact that we are stronger than people think. Often underestimated…I too love the element of surprise; the look on people’s faces.


Professional Freelance Makeup Artist

Manal is a professional freelance makeup artist from Calgary. She has graduated from SAIT with a business marketing diploma and Bow Valley College with an event management certificate. She has been in the cosmetics industry for over 5 years. Manal has won the COSA (Cosmetics Outstanding Service Award) award for 2011. She has worked with over a hundred recognized cosmetics/skin care brands like Chanel, YSL, Smashbox, Cargo, Stila, Lancome, Estee Lauder, Clarins, and many more.
Manal works with private parties, corporate parties, and weddings. Manal is also a presenter in motivational beauty seminars that educate girls on feeling comfortable in the skin they are in and enhancing the beauty within themselves.
Manal will be discussing beauty and makeup tips, seasonal trends, new and exciting products, and product reviews. She will also be available to answer beauty questions.
The best thing about being a girl is we have the freedom to express ourselves in any way we desire. We have an abundant amount of resources that enable us to express who we are. Girls can create different looks through hair styles; we can enhance our beauty with makeup and accessories. We have numerous options for clothing attire that vary from skirts and dresses to jeans and sweat pants.
Creative Director, Blue Image Group

Natasha is a graduate of Ryerson University in Toronto, with a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Fashion Marketing, and certification in Fashion Design. She also has a diploma in Creative Makeup Design through the Toronto School of Makeup Art. She has been a makeup artist in the TV industry for over 10 years while juggling her Custom Clothing Design business, Blue Image Group. Natasha has learned along the way that to follow your passion and turn your dreams into goals, you’ve got to realize that you CAN do it. She advises girls, “Don’t ever follow the money, follow your heart and remember, BEING A GIRL ROCKS!”

Natasha hopes to inspire girls to remember who they used to be yesterday, celebrate who they are today, and prepare for the awesomeness that is to come tomorrow. Her combined talents and work ethic in fashion & design, makeup and business entrepreneurship will motivate and inspire other young women to pursue their own dreams with the same dedication and belief that Natasha possesses. In her blog Natasha will be sharing tips and insight into fashion so that you’re not fighting the wrong person – you – but learn how to win, in taking on the battle of understanding clothing and celebrating your body.
The best things about being a girl are strength, beauty, capability, drive and let’s not forget that innate ability to multitask! (The boys aren’t as good at that last one…)
University Student & Blogger
Kirsten is a third year university student studying English Literature with the future goal of teaching in a high school or getting her counseling certification (or both!). She has always enjoyed writing and started her own blog, www.keexperience.tumblr.com, in 2010 to chronicle her university life. Blogging has become a great hobby and a change to encourage others through her own experiences.
The middle of five children, Kirsten learned from an early age to be loud and get noticed. She has a vivacious personality and loves being around people. It wasn’t always this way though. Growing up, Kirsten was timid and sensitive, and often felt like the world was against her. The party lifestyle became her scene and from that life, she emerged bruised, broken, and lost, haunted by ghosts of failed relationships and bad choices. Through a long, hard journey of self-discovery and growth, Kirsten has overcome the scars of her past. Her passion has become sharing her story with others to show them that there is always hope, always strength, always a better future. Kirsten will be writing about some of life’s emotional challenges and how to overcome those things that weigh us down so that we can live a full and confident life. Kirsten uses her life experiences to talk with openness and a loving vulnerability (and sometimes humor!) to encourage other people on that same journey. She also loves cats, her little brother, and laughing, but has an intense phobia of balloons.
The best thing about being a girl is being able to rock that femininity in whatever way, shape or form, we choose!
Blog/Hobby Writer & Stay at Home Mom
Jenna is a 29 year old wife and mom of 4 pretty cool little kiddos, 3 boys and a baby girl who is a future young woman of power. She has always loved to express herself through writing in various forms – poetry, non-fiction, children’s stories, blogs, journals, letters, and notes. Jenna has been known to wake up in the morning covered in ink marks from going to sleep with pen and paper in hand the night before. She currently writes about the chaos and hilarity of being a mom at www.troublefacemom.com. Jenna loves a good story, and believes that everyone has one to tell if only they’d believe in the strength and power of their own voice.
Her writing here at YWOP will be focused on telling her own story and the stories of various women (and maybe some men!) both past and present, in a way that invites and empowers today’s generation of young women to feel safe and find courage, to share their stories and find their voice. No matter what you’re going through, Jenna believes that your lowest point can be your launching point to hope and a future. And that your story, your launching point, might be someone else’s first step out of their own rock bottom.
The best thing about being a girl is that we are capable of so much love, and I believe that the best change is always fueled, ignited and sustained when love takes first place over any circumstance or trial. 
What about you? What do you think is the best thing about being a girl?
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