YOUNG WOMEN OF POWER Announces The Launching of YWOP CLUBS

Revealing Female Greatness to Lead with Purpose


A Mentorship Program

The purpose of YWOP clubs is to create opportunities for young female students to discover their gifts and abilities and grow in confidence in positions of leadership under the support of an adult adviser.


YWOP Clubs are a creative outlet for teen girls to discover their strengths in various positions of leadership and activities while using their influence to change girl culture in their schools and community.

The clubs are weekly meetings that are student led with an adult Mentor/Adviser who oversees the club, guiding the young members in their leadership roles. These clubs will be located in the community open to girls 12 to 18 creating a safe environment for these young women to lead. The club is designed to build up young female leaders, mentoring them to make a difference and helping them discover who they are created to be by giving them opportunities to discover their gifts and abilities through various leadership activities and challenges. For girls who have not yet engaged with their school or community YWOP clubs gives them an opportunity to grow in confidence and help them find a place to belong so they will in the future have the confidence to be involved in school or community.

These weekly meetings operate for 1 ½ hours after school. Each week within a month there are 4 different focuses that develop various skills in girls such as critical thinking, global awareness, community involvement, interpersonal and social skills, leadership and more.

If you know of any girls who are looking for a community of females who are making a difference and they would like to have fun doing it… Then YWOP CLUBS is what you are looking for. Bring a friend and be a part of YWOP history.

Revealing female greatness so she can lead with purpose.
Revealing female greatness so she can lead with purpose.


Who: For girls ages 12 to 18

Date: Monday Nights from September to May (YWOP clubs has ended for the year. But follow our Facebook page to join us on summer events)

Location: Ambrose University – 150 Ambrose Circle SW Calgary (right off by the 69th St. C-Train Station beside Ernest Manning High School).

Time: 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Adult Leaders: Alison Springer & Milena Salerno

Phone or Text: (403)383-9436 email:


Please text or email us back a response to know if the teen receiving this letter can attend.

Email us at text or phone Alison Springer (403) 383-9436 with any questions you may have.