**Seen & Heard. We are aware of the negative impact that the COVID restrictions are having on youth. As a result we have lowered our prices to better serve our community.**

Looking for An Engaging Female Empowerment Program For Your Teen While At Home?

*You can register for any Thursday night up to May 26th 2022. This online course runs from (6:00pm to 8:00pm MST) Once girls have completed six sessions, they graduate from the program. Students can enrol and begin on any Thursday. 

YWOP’s PivotFWD is an engaging, interactive, strength based curriculum designed to empower young women ages 12 -18 with tools to make positive choices. This program is delivered in six 2  hour sessions on ZOOM and is a great way to meet new people. Attendees will receive a YWOP welcome package that includes program materials and more. Girls who complete this program will leave with a fresh perspective on self, others, and the confidence to make their dreams a reality. 

This six session workshop focuses on the areas that influence confidence: Self-Esteem, Family, Friendships, Dating Relationships, School Culture and Mental Health. 

For Girls Ages 12 to 18ish
**Special Rate for only $150
(That is $25 Per Session)
Thursday Nights
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Lead Facilitator: Alison Springer, Founder of YWOP and youth speaker. With Alison, there is never a boring moment. She has a unique ability to make online learning feel like you are there in person. Her presence and energy is like a spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine of hard truths go down.

Youth Speaker                Alison D. Springer

From this Workshop Girls Will…

  • Discover who they really are beyond labels and reputations
  • Like themselves and see their beauty.
  • Gain tools that will strengthen the Parent/Teen relationships
  • Develop a positive outlook on life
  • Learn healthy ways of dealing with stress.
  • Make better choices regarding friends
  • Learn how to have healthier relationships with females
  • Lack the desire to engage in criminal activity or be with those who do.
  • Be motivated to attain their goals and dreams.

What Can Your Teen Expect When They Attend

  • Youth speaker and YWOP Founder Alison Springer will be delivering the program. The sessions will be entertaining and engaging but highly impactful.  
  • Group discussions facilitate opportunities for girls to share the lessons they’ve learned, challenges they face, and any questions they have related to the 6 areas.
  • Girls will gain memorable and practical tools to help them through life’s challenges.
  • An environment where students support each other and new friendships begin to develop.

Student Testimonials

This course, I will be honest. I dreaded it before I arrived because it was my first time, and I was a very quiet person. Now I love being open with people, I have become more involved with things like school, family, communication period. I love myself, I feel comfortable around people, I’ve learned to have relationships with people who have meaning, not to just let whoever in.

-Terri-Lynn age 16

My favourite part of class is how open everyone is with each other and how you can actually see the changes in people every time.

-Michelle age 17

Thank you for every session it changed me. At home, treating people with respect. Being kind, not drinking because… I value my future and for sure respect others. I have better self-esteem for myself. I enjoyed coming to every session because the speakers are wonderful and it’s inspirational.

-Ava age 15

I learned that I am worth something and that I need better friends. I liked it here because I loved that I’m not the only one with problems. I learned better things to do. I wish I could come back.

-Jamie age 15

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