Adedoyin Omotara

Adoniaa Beauty Makeovers

Adedoyin Omotara is an entrepreneur, a role model, an advocate for women but also a speaker, business mentor and founder of the Unmask Your Beauty Movement. Born in Manchester U.K. to Nigerian parents, her passion to live a fuller and more expressive life inspired her to leave a successful engineering career to become an entrepreneur.

Determined to resolve the source of insecurity, shame and stress the word beauty has had on countless women. Adedoyin developed her own make up line and product to help women unmask their beauty and feel empowered. She opened up a store in Calgary called Adoniaa Image Consulting. Her inspirational teaching, workshops and conferences promote beauty inside and out for women of all stages of life. She believes that the dreams of girls, and unleashing the strength of women are causes worthy of her investment.