Founder & Executive Director Alison D. Springer
Founder & Executive Director Alison D. Springer


Young Women of Power (YWOP) is a non profit grassroots organization that builds the confidence of young women by providing and delivering workshop and conferences geared towards youth ages 12 to 18.

The founder, youth speaker Alison Springer, was alarmed at the high number of girls who struggle with their self-image, who prefer the company of males rather than their own gender, and the increasing number of girls who have been sexually assaulted. This motivated her to host a conference that would build up the inner confidence of teenage girls by addressing the issues of the heart. YWOP provides conferences, workshops, school assemblies, mentorship programs and resources that will help you transform girl culture in your community.



There are four core teachings at the center of YWOP called the Four Pillars. They are:

1. Helping girls see their Beauty.
2. Teaching them street smarts for preventative measures through Wisdom.
3. Showing them that they are women of great Power who can make a difference globally and locally when they think big.
4. Inspiring them to be honourable women who live out of their Principles.

The first YWOP Conference was held in March 2010 at the Boys and Girls Club in Calgary organized by caring men and women who shared Alison’s vision. Since then YWOP has been continuing to expand its reach having held an Eastern Alberta Conference in Brooks Alberta, and delivering workshops for young women ages 12 to 24, along with a blog to inspire the minds of young women across the country. Young Women of Power is a timely movement as the demand for a service that effectively speaks to the heart of a girl is great.



To empower young women by redefining Beauty, teaching them how to use and apply Wisdom, building their confidence to produce Powerful change, to be unwavering in their values and Principles.


  1. To reduce the statistics of violence against women by helping them live out true confidence.
  2. Inspiring young girls to influence the entertainment industry to reflect women in a way that is positive for all ages, sizes and ethnicity.




  • YWOP Conferences – Hosted in other cities across Canada.
  • YWOP PivotFWD Workshops – Six 2 ½ hour sessions addressing the areas that cause girls to struggle with confidence: School, Relationships, Family, Mental Health and Self-Esteem.
  • YWOP Clubs – Weekly meetings where girls can grow in confidence and leadership through various roles and projects that empowers them to lead on purpose. Club runs from September to May. (Mentorship Group)
  • Full Day or Weekend Workshop – This workshop is a condensed version of the YWOP PivotFWD Program, helping girls make positive life choices while growing in confidence.
  • Inspiring Female Greatness – This half day workshop helps young females formulate a belief system on where their true value lies along with inspiring healthy female pride.
  • A Community Network –  Unified partners & organizations working together using their strengths & resources to support the personal development of young women.